Conrad Bo

Picasssofication in Superstroke



Picassofication is a concept that I use to describe, when stylizing figures in an Abstract manner. I am not the first artist to use this, but I think it is the first time that the word Picassofication is used.


If you look at the work of Miro, Du Buffet, Bacon and Basquiat, there is no denying that there styles were greatly influenced by Cubism, and if it was not for Cubism they would not have painted the way that they did. I have been criticized for using the word Picassofication but, because Georges Braque was just as involved in Cubism as Picasso. But that concept would have to be called Cubification. If you look at my work where I usually paint a series of paintings, starting with something quite realistic and breaking it down to the basic until I get a very stylized figure, I go beyond Cubism to something looking quite similar to Picasso's later works.

I felt it was important to call this concept Picassofication, as to acknowledge Picasso‚Äôs influence in the work. A very interesting phenomenon occurs when approaching painting in this way. The more the concept of Picassofication is applied the more the work gets a distinctive look, of the artist own hand in this type of painting.

If you look at the paintings Golf, Tennis etc, although images of sporting figures are not always regarded as high art, I think it is important to use these themes to take art forward.

I have written quite extensively on this subject and will include more about Picassofication as time goes on.

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